All Collections How to Install subscriptions on your online store with 2.0 themes

How to Install subscriptions on your online store with 2.0 themes

How to activate and install subscriptions on online store 2.0 themes

Why install the selling plan snippet?

  • Purchase options are not enabled by default.
  • You must install snippets to your theme for you products to have subscription purchase options.


  • This guide is only for online store 2.0 themes

Video instructions

  1. On the left side menu click Subscriptions and on the tabs select Activate subscriptions. Screenshot click subscriptions
  2. In step one, click Activate app embedd. Screenshot click app embedd
  3. On the page that opens ensure that Inflowkit subscriptions is activated if not, activated it by clicking the switch Screenshot activate app embedd
  4. In step 2, click on Open product block settings Screenshot click add block
  5. This will bring you to the test product page. On the left side menu, look for and click on Add block and select the InflowKit Plan Selection block to add it. Here you can drag the block up and down by clicking InflowKit plan selection to a position you’d like. Screenshot click add block
  6. After that, back on the activate settings in step 3, click on install snippet to show selling plan name on cart page a notification of completion will appear Screenshot click test product
  7. Once you are done click Activate subscription Screenshot click test product