All Collections How to sell courses and products as subscriptions

How to sell courses and products as subscriptions

How to sell courses and physical products as subscriptions

Video instructions

Step 1: Create selling plan group

  1. Select Subscriptions on the left side menu

    Select selling plan group screenshot

  2. Click the + Selling plan group button. Screenshot + selling plan group
  3. A wizard form will show up . Fill out the wizard by entering all required details, click Submit at the end of the wizard. Screenshot showing submit

Step 2: Add courses to selling plan group

  1. On the content tab click +Content Screenshot add content
  2. On the dialog, select courses and click Add Screenshot select content
  3. When the content is successfully added, it’ll appear here. Screenshot content added

Step 3: Add products to selling plan group

Products that will be added to a selling plan group will be available on subscriptions basis

  1. On the Products Tab, click +Product button on the bottom left. Screenshot showing details wizard
  2. A pop up will appear, select your product and click Add. Screenshot showing add
  3. Notice that the added product will appear. This product now is linked to this selling plan. Screenshot showing product added
  4. Next steps, head over to shopify product page, scroll to the bottom and verify that the selling plan has been linked to you product. Screenshot showing selling plan linked to product